Mar 24, 2008

But at least I get the day off

Unfortunately, after the warmest Finnish winter on record, our gift from the Easter bunny is snow.

Perhaps we didn't bribe the Easter witches enough.

But this washed up on the shores of my Finland alerts. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators. Don't know anything about the artist yet, but it's a happy bit of soul. Neat shots of Helsinki's streets and cobblestones, and perfect with an Easter Monday coffee.

Mar 21, 2008

Shared RSS feeds on the sidebar

Turns out I can share the internet flotsam I come across on Reader through that list that's now on the sidebar. So I just shared a bunch of stuff I starred in the last couple months. Unfortunately the list is in reverse order (oldest to newest), but it should add new stuff to the top.

Now I can give up posting useless shit to Facebook. Maybe. Ok, probably not entirely.

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Mar 18, 2008

Booze in a tube

This is a thing of beauty:

Yes. Vodka In A Tube. (Swiss Army knife shown for scale.) I am in complete awe. Anyone ever seen this before? Many thanks to Janka & Tomasz who found this on the Tallinn-Helsinki ferry dutyfree and brought it back for me. They told me about this product a few months ago, but it's even cooler than I imagined.

This one's a lemon vodka tonic in a tube (10.5% alcohol, whee!). It's so lovely and perfect that I can't bring myself to open it.

Of course I had to check the company's website (careful, the eurotrash dance music comes on pretty loud) - they've got all kinds of cocktails in tubes. Caffeine-laden, cranberry, strawberry shots, ... and eggnog. Um, ok ... but then think of the stocking stuffer possibilities!
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