Oct 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Old photos from the Paris Catacombs are now posted here.

It's so great to be back in a country that gets Halloween.

Oct 29, 2008

FishPorn is up!

I know, some of you have been waiting years for me to post hot fish photos. They're up now, baby! Check out


Man-on-salmon action!

Money shots!

For those more into horror, there's also lots of death and mutilation and deformities. Just in time for Halloween! You're welcome.

(Some animals were harmed during filming, but never for the express purpose of filming. Fish in these photos were either drugged or slaughtered according to industry standards.)

Oct 22, 2008

Things I Like About Finland 4: OMG HEDGEHOGS!!!

Cutest animals ever. These little guys waddled around my friend Lucia's patio one evening in Jokioinen.


Unfortunately I never managed to see one when I had a camera. Thanks to Lucia for the photos!