Apr 6, 2008

Do a back up! And I love del.icio.us despite not being able to remember where the dots go.

Having downscaled the Facebook usage somewhat, I really should be updating this more often. So.

Discovered yesterday that my photos from last year's Norway trip got lost in last fall's hard drive meltdown. So annoyed. I downloaded some back off my Flickr page, but it's only a few and they're not full size. Lesson: back up more frequently.

On a more amusing image-related topic, I finally caught up with 2005 and made myself a South Park icon:

And while we're being silly, I just managed to catch Cloverfield at its last theatre showing. (You're thinking: she doesn't need to link that; but yes, judging from the completely blank looks that everyone here gave me when I mentioned it, I do.) Really, it has to be seen huge, otherwise there's no point. So now I can stop desperately avoiding spoilers on that and move on to desperately avoiding spoilers from Battlestar Galactica (repeat above aside).

Started using del.icio.us about a week ago, and I'm completely hooked. Doesn't look like much, but it's so far the best tool I've used to track my surfing. Check out the new tag cloud on the sidebar. Probably an excellent research tool, but of course I'm also using it to track the trainwreck of a concept that is a Year Zero tv series.

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