Jul 4, 2008

Things I Like About Finland 2: Concealed Dish-Draining Cupboard

My last couple of Finland posts have been a bit snarky, haven't they? So let's fix that with the next installment of Things I Like About Finland.

This is my kitchen sink area:

(Yes, I did wipe down the counter just for these photos.) But, hidden above the sink is this:

Ta-da! The Finnish, or maybe Nordic, concealed-in-a-cupboard dish draining rack! The bestest kitchen cabinet fixture thingie ever! Why doesn't the rest of the world have this? In case it's not clear in the above photo, here's a low-angle view showing the racks:

Sweet, huh? I love this thing. I have stuff in this that probably hasn't been to a real cupboard in months - they just circulate from rack to stove/table to sink and back up to rack. I can throw lots of stuff up there, then just close the doors, and whoo-hoo, clear counters and domestic deification.

It drips of course, but that's not really a problem: the steel counter-sink combo is pretty standard here too (also great for messy stuff). The trick is to put glassware on the top rack so it doesn't get water spots.

I can't believe I'm about to post 3 photos of my kitchen cupboards. But seriously, I've considered this amazing ever since my first day here. It's even in Finnish Wikipedia!


Barry said...

Thanks for posting these photos. I am renovating a kitchen in brooklyn and trying to figure out how to make one out of an Ikea cabinet.

Cheryl said...

You're welcome! Good luck with the project. In Finland we could just buy those wire racks at any hardware store, but I haven't seen them in Canada.
(Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I just found your comment today.)

Anonymous said...

wow! can't beleive it!! this is actually what i'm trying to organize in my renovations:converting an ikea cabinet and fitting it with drying racks. Barry did you do it? if so how?

Sanna from Finland said...


Please join our Facebook fan Group for "Astiankuivauskaappi / Tiskikaappi"

This great timesaving practical simple female invention by Maiju Gebhard has become a standard in Finnish households since 1944, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dish_draining_closet

but there are also some news about the patent in USA & Canada already 1931 & 1932 by Louise R. Krause.

martino said...

but... this dish-draining cupboard is what we have in every Italian kitchen

Anonymous said...

I am trying to find a supplier of the Finnish Dish-Draining Cupboard in Canada and am having no success. Can you guide me to a possible source in Canada or abroad?

Anonymous said...

If you can't find a rack specifically for this functino, could you make something that would work out of the standard USA style dish drainer that sits on the drainboard next to the sink? Or have a metal worker fabricate one?

this is a great idea. If I had cabinest above the counter I would want one... All I have is windows. The view is incredible, and I traded view for cabinets.

Erica W said...

You might be able to make one using the plastic-lined wire racks from a refrigerator or dishwasher. I have seen them done in smaller units with baking racks, or racks from small storage shelving 'cubes,' but a longer food-grade rack could be very handy for actually standing the dishes.
I have also seen oversized ones with a sloped base tray, as for a countertop dish drainer, to redirect drips toward a smaller sink.

Unknown said...

If you are looking for an Italian kitchen site you can find it. From us it is common use, it is called scolapiatti pensile. There is also the solution without a cabinet.

Anonymous said...

For those looking for a genuine stuff - a Finnish manufacturer webstore:

-Markus, a Finn

Andy S. said...

Very interesting and practical implementation. I would offer one Canadian improvement to this Finnish idea: if you add a drip tray (could be formed from a thin sheet of stainless steel or aluminum) and mount it tilted at a 5-10 degree angle underneath the open bottom of the cabinet, you can redirect the dripping water to a specific portion of the sink instead of raining down all over the sink or on you while you are washing the dishes and placing them on the cabinet. You can also tilt the drip tray towards the back (the tiled wall) which will create a rainfall backdrop while you are washing dishes and have complete access to the sinks and countertop without being rained on during dish washing and drying.

Anonymous said...

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Smart Dish Rack said...

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Anonymous said...

I prefer to have a window in front of me whilst washing up rather than a dripping cupboard. :)

Unknown said...

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