Feb 12, 2008

Outdance The Devil: intro, apology, etc.

Hi. I seem to have started another blog. Title's kind of odd, a bit pretentious, but hey, I like it. It comes from a Forgotten English calender I had last year. Yeah, it sounds all dark and gothy and stuff, but I actually just liked the idea of desperately trying to keep up.

Anyway, the reasons for this site are a) I get bored, b) I'm really bad/lazy about sending group email updates, and c) for some reason I get a kick out of posting useless shit up on Facebook and from what I see, that's not what it's for. So hey, why not do that here instead, add some photos when I feel like it, and pretend that that makes up for not emailing.

And here's the apology. There will be swearing. Sorry. I thought about running this clean for the benefit of parents and such, but eventually decided to let that part go unedited. I'll try to keep it down.

Finally, I know that blogs like this are a fundamentally narcissistic hobby. Me, me, me. How many "I"s are in this post alone? Don't really know what to do about that, except invite comments. Thanks for stopping by.

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