Mar 18, 2008

Booze in a tube

This is a thing of beauty:

Yes. Vodka In A Tube. (Swiss Army knife shown for scale.) I am in complete awe. Anyone ever seen this before? Many thanks to Janka & Tomasz who found this on the Tallinn-Helsinki ferry dutyfree and brought it back for me. They told me about this product a few months ago, but it's even cooler than I imagined.

This one's a lemon vodka tonic in a tube (10.5% alcohol, whee!). It's so lovely and perfect that I can't bring myself to open it.

Of course I had to check the company's website (careful, the eurotrash dance music comes on pretty loud) - they've got all kinds of cocktails in tubes. Caffeine-laden, cranberry, strawberry shots, ... and eggnog. Um, ok ... but then think of the stocking stuffer possibilities!
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